One of the most hard working and anthemic folk punk acts to come out of Australia, Benny Mayhem and the Benny Mayhem Band have covered a lot of ground, literally and figuratively.

His latest single, ‘Bulwer Street Waltz’, has seen him tour the UK and Europe again through 2018 with his band, playing Festivals and Club Shows.

The track is a no-holds-barred blend of Irish folk rhythms and melodic folk-punk energy, garnished with a modern hint of pub rock.

It is guaranteed to get you off the bar stool and on to the dance floor.

The Benny Mayhem Band is now touring Western Australia, where the COVID-19 threat has been eliminated. Bookings are available for Full-Band and Solo shows anywhere in the state.

From being primarily a solo artist in 2016, the last 3 years have seen the Benny Mayhem experience evolve into a full live band which combines power and harmonies in his unique folk-punk style.

Musically, they blend the roots of the folk punk genre (bands such as The Pogues, Flogging Molly, Arcade Fire) with an Australian element that has been compared in style to Paul Kelly and other storytellers.

Ben’s roots are in the South West Australian town of Albany, famous for its whales and the beautiful yet treacherous Southern Ocean that has inspired much of his work.

As their touring schedule has increased over the last 2 years to include an enormous variety of places and venues, from Exmouth to Amsterdam, the Benny Mayhem Band has developed a number of different sets to suit; a Festival 5 Piece, a Power Trio and a popular ‘Unplugged’ Acoustic Folk Punk Experience.

Add to this an extensive solo touring schedule, built up over the last 7 years of constant shows around the world, you’ll see why Benny Mayhem’s passport is filling up fast.

Management – Zulu Media Australia

UK Bookings – Fuelled By Cider


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