All proceeds from the fund-raising tour will be donated to Wildlife Victoria with assistance from Rotary International.

The Koalas and Wildlife of Victoria were devastated by the 2019-20 Bushfires.

We have put this tour together, consisting of free-entry shows that people can come along to and make a real difference to these poor animals who have almost been forgotten again.

Benny Mayhem's Save The Koalas Tour

Starting in late-July, Benny Mayhem and his Full Band are hitting the road on a massive tour to help the poor koalas who are desperately in need of help.

Travelling with our Koala Fundraising Bucket, come and see a great show and help us make sure Australia’s koalas are getting all the help they need.

Bring your friends for a big night!

For more information on the charity please visit the Wildlife Victoria website.

Our aim is to cover as much of Western Australia as we can through the many regional venues we regularly play at, and as many new ones as we can.

We have created a Fundraising Bucket that will be travelling with us as part of a large Social Media Campaign to generate as much interest as possible.

We hope every night people will come to each venue to listen to 3 sets of great music and donate to this very worthy cause.

Here’s when the band is coming to your town!

Not on the list? Contact us with your local venue.


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