Friday, 31 July 2020

It was 3 years ago now that my management advised me to continue My Life On The Road by writing about ‘All The Little Things’ that I had to do prior to hitting the road on my 91 day European tour, August to November 2017.

The amount of prep needed for a venture of that kind, which included shows in 7 countries and a suitably gruelling schedule… where shows were measured in ‘weeks in a row’ rather than ‘days in a row’… prevented this from happening.

In those days, it was all paperwork. Grants, flights, visas, bookings, terrifying deadlines – not to mention enormous expenses – with the ever-present threat of Total Failure hanging in the air if each step wasn’t completed effectively.

Things have changed a bit.

After 2 European tours with the Benny Mayhem band (part of 2017 and the 2018 tour), we began to find our feet here at home in Australia as well as overseas.

The last 3 years have seen the band take over from my solo work as my ‘Main Gig’, and the many, many months touring the vast outback highways of Western Australia has hardened us, into a well-oiled professional unit.

These days, my prep for tour is all about helping the band fulfil our potential, and delivering a world-class show to our venues and punters all around W.A.

I am writing this on North West Coastal Highway, between Carnarvon and Minilya. It’s a road I’ve come to know well. In the trailer, I have a bunch of new sound and lighting equipment, which I spent several days rounding up.

There’s fuel in the tank of my 4WD, the software is loaded into my computer, to add in the special audio ‘enhancements’ (including mandolins and other instruments) to our core 3-piece sound….! (We even have new merch!)

The band is well rehearsed and totally ready.

This weekend we will kick off our ‘Save The Koalas’ tour, which we have planned over 6 months, and which will raise funds in support of Wildlife Victoria with assistance from Rotary. We can’t wait! Hope to see you there.


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