Benny Mayhem's Save The Koalas Tour

Save The Koalas Tour

THE BENNY MAYHEM BAND’S SAVE THE KOALAS TOUR ** PLEASE COME AND DONATE ** All proceeds from the fund-raising tour will be donated to Wildlife Victoria with assistance from Rotary International. The Koalas and Wildlife of Victoria were devastated by the 2019-20 Bushfires. We have put this tour together, consisting of free-entry shows that people can come along to and

Benny Mayhem - Song For Absent Friends

Benny Mayhem – Song For Absent Friends Official Music Video

BENNY MAYHEM – SONG FOR ABSENT FRIENDS OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO Featuring members of Project Mayhem, The Caballeros, FAIM and The Benny Mayhem Band. This video has over 300 hours of post production and filming. Shot both on location and on a big screen screen, it tells the story of Benny finding old band-mates and friends in battered televisions across WA

Benny Mayhem Band

Benny Mayhem – Bulwer Street Waltz Official Music Video

BENNY MAYHEM ‘BULWER STREET WALTZ’ OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO Shot at the Irish Club of WA, Bulwer Street Waltz is just 90 seconds of absolute Aussie/Irish/Folk-Punk including a mandolin solo through a Marshall stack. It was filmed in one long take with no edits, each of the cast rehearsing their parts at the right time of the track so the story

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Benny Mayhem Videos

BENNY MAYHEM VIDEOS Here’s our favourite music videos. As a band, we always try to push the boundaries with each new clip, as well as having something to say. Bulwer Street Waltz Song For Absent Friends On The Run – Live and Unplugged Acoustic

Benny Mayhem Band - Hi-Res Press Photo

Benny Mayhem Shows

BENNY MAYHEM SHOWS – BAND & SOLO The Benny Mayhem Band is now touring Western Australia as part of the Save The Koalas Tour. Come to the Free Shows and donate to help Victorias Koalas and other Wildlife that has been devastated in the 2020 Bushfires. * Please note that not all shows are fundraisers.

Benny Mayhem at Rebellion Punk Music Festival 2017

Benny Mayhem – My Life On The Road – Pt1 – Rebellion 2017

Friday, 7 July 2017 I was last at Rebellion Festival in 2013. I was fresh off the boat from Australia, and had been in London for about 3 months, during which time – in typical backpacker fashion – I’d somehow managed to spend whatever money I’d arrived with. The last thing I did before leaving the Big Smoke was spend

Save Our Seeds

Benny Mayhem – Live Video Outtake – Kelly Newton-Wordsworth and Friends ‘Save Our Seeds’ (July 2015)

  View on YouTube Saturday 23 May 2015 — first day of shooting for the Mindless Greg The Media Consumer video. Director Steve Correia and I had very basic plan in mind: we would drive around Perth for the day, I’d go busking and he’d film what happened. By lunch time we had plenty of footage of me being chased off pitches by enthusiastic security guards and transit