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Mindless Greg The Media Consumer was recorded on a whim.

I’d landed a sweet deal for an afternoon’s recording at Spirit Recording Studios in SW11, on the south bank of the Thames, London.

At the time I still had it in my head that my earlier demo recordings would comprise an album, so I wanted to do something new.

Writing on the road isn’t always easy – it’s difficult to find the space really. I remember one day in Brighton, when the busking looked bleak, nabbing some time in a park to review Greg. God knows how many months it was after Scotland.

There were two songs up for contention and ‘Mindless Greg The Media Consumer’ was my definite favourite.

I remember being particularly self-conscious about the lyrics. The engineer, Paul O’Nell, picked up on this.

“Don’t worry,” he said.

“We had a hip-hop band in here last week. Every second word was ‘motherfucker’. When we were droppin’ in ‘motherfuckers’ it was ‘was it this motherfucker or that motherfucker!?’.”

From then on it was fine. And I’m glad we got the kazoo solo in.

Mindless Greg The Media Consumer available on CD from Bandcamp or at 78 Records, Perth W.A.


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