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In May 2015 I sat down with my buddies Stefan and Wheels at Brianiac Studios in Yokine, Western Australia, to have a chat for their Reverb. podcast series. It was stacks of fun.

The result is a really, really extensive interview that covers my formative years in The Hydey punk scene; playing in bands like zxspecky and Project Mayhem, and running Blazing Strumpet Records with my buddies, hangin’ out at clubs and that.

There’s stacks more besides, too, including plenty of talk about my transition from that world into the folk-punk troubadour journey, my upcoming music video, my busking activism, and of course we compare the shit outta Europe and Australia.

“Sometimes we do forget that there are microphones in the room,” Wheels says at one point.

“We’re all just friends sitting around a heater, [drinking] a bunch of Jameson, and it’s fucking lovely!”

Photo L-R: Benny Mayhem, Stefan Caramia, Wheels Mackenzie with a poster from The Hydey days.


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